NPR radio station: KAZU


A coursework project for the Web Design course at CSUMB. The mission was to redesign the website of a local NPR (National Public Radio) station, KAZU. This project was partly a group effort, but the final design and development was solo work. The project consisted of smaller assignments troughout the semester, which culminated into a larger development project in the end to put everything together. Individual assignments included logo design, color schemes, typography, and social web features. Group assignments included competitor research, surveying, and information architecture.

Most of the work done was already familiar to me from previous experience, but very tight schedules given for each assignment made this a tough project. Still, compared to the original website, the resulting design can be considered an improvement in most ways. Besides the more modern (while staying relatively traditional) visual style, the information architecture in the navigation especially was greatly streamlined and social web features were brought more visible to increase user participation.

The final part of the project was a solo assignment to implement the produced designs into a working prototype website in Wordpress. This was achieved by choosing a simple template that most resembled the design, and then diving into its CSS and molding it to imitate the design more closely. This prototype site is not live anymore.

Project ended: December 2017