A group project for a NTNU course called "Methods in User-Centered Design". Our group of three Interaction Design students was tasked to design a potential solution to fulfill "most of the communication needs" of our newly expanded multi-campus university. We were expected to take a UCD approach and produce a report and prototype of the solution.

As the task was quite extensive, it required thorough research. We conducted document research, observational studies, and multiple interviews in an early phase of the project, then analyzed the data we had gathered and produced personas, scenarios, and task analysis. Then the prorotyping work was in full swing, as we produced several iterations of our solution and gathered feedback on the along the way.

Our end product was a communication tool to help organizing work groups and projects via channels (similar to Slack and Discord), but would also include video conferencing. Separate digital prototypes for web and mobile were produced using mostly Adobe Xd and Marvel, and finally usability tests were conducted on these prototypes. A more detailed description of the process and how we ended up with this particular solution can be read on the project report.